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Till We Meet Again

7.2 128 min
Xiao-lun, who is struck dead by lightning, has lost memories of his life. While Xiao-lun is working as god of love, persons with red strings, with his partner Pinky to reincarnate as a human being, Xiao-lun runs into Xiaomi, who was his lover during his life, and recalls his past. Although Xiaomi cannot see him anymore, Xiao-lun couldn’t stop hovering around her, but at the same time he also realizes that he has to find someone else to bond her red string to protect her in an uncertain danger.
Country: Taiwan
Genre: Adventure / Drama / Romance
Release: 2021 2022-03-14
Director: Giddens Ko
Cast: Kai Ko, Vivian Sung, Gingle Wang, Umin Boya, Laka Umaw, Honduras, Joelle Lu, Yan Sheng-Yu, Chen Yu, Tsai-Hsing Chang, Tsai Chang-Hsien, Wang Shin-Hong, Hua-Chien Hsu, June Tsai, Chiago Liu, Bruce Hung, Eugenie Liu, Kent Tsai, Deng Yukai, Marcus Chang, Steven Lin, Che-Wen Tsai



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