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6.7 min
Love Hotel. The best place to spend your holiday on February 14th. So this time the doors of the hotel are open for everyone who wants to make Valentine's Day special, wants to believe in love again, or at least not be alone on this day. Former classmates meet at a restaurant in honor of the 40th anniversary of graduation and old feelings flare up with renewed vigor. A jealous man tries to enter all the rooms on the floor to find his missing wife. A private detective and his attractive client
Country: Russia
Genre: Comedy
Release: 2020 2022-03-11
Director: Igor Tverdokhlebov
Cast: Sergey Svetlakov, Timur Batrutdinov, Yan Tsapnik, Kamil Larin, Anatoly Belyy, Mariya Mironova, Kseniya Sobchak, Elena Valyushkina, Yuriy Stoyanov, Yekaterina Varnava, Filipp Ershov, Iris Lebedeva, Evgeny Romantsov, Natalya Parshenkova, Alina Alekseeva, Irina Rozanova, Sabina Akhmedova, Makar Zaporozhskiy, Stanislav Yarushin, Igor Zolotovitsky, Ekaterina Sakharova



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